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The Keating and dVine: Increasing Wine-by-the-Glass Sales

Cyril Champeau, propriétaire Le Keating et sa femme

“Le Keating, a restaurant unlike any other, founded 10 years ago by Cyril de Champeau. Since the age of 16, Cyril has dedicated his life to realizing his dream of owning his own establishment. Located in Saumur, Le Keating offers an innovative concept focused on discovering Argentine meat. In this article, discover Cyril Champeau’s testimony on his collaboration with dVine, an association that has allowed him to significantly increase his wine-by-the-glass sales.

Le Keating: Combining Discovery and Quality

After working as a head waiter in Corsica for the Accor group, as well as a maitre d’hotel in Belgium, Cyril Champeau developed the concept of the restaurant Le Keating. This chic and casual steakhouse highlights high-quality meat, aiming to become the benchmark for meat lovers in terms of quality.

Viande rouge argentine cuisinée par Le Kearing

About a year and a half ago, Le Keating introduced fine wines served by the glass in its establishment. After participating in a trade show and conducting tests, Cyril was captivated by the concept of dVine. Despite his concerns about service time, dVine, with its system allowing a glass of wine to be served in just 40 seconds, reassured him. Today, two dVine machines are present in his restaurant. They have enabled the sale of more than 2800 glasses of wine. Thanks to dVine, Cyril is quickly approaching €10,000 in net margin generated.

An expanded wine list and simplified wine management

The possibility of diversifying the selection of wines by the glass while maintaining a guarantee of quality motivated Cyril Champeau to test dVine. He was looking for wines that could be served by the glass to enrich his menu. Resolving his issues related to managing opened bottles was a real concern for him. dVine addressed both of these challenges. As a result, Le Keating now offers an expanded wine list. It includes French and foreign wines and has increased from 5 to 20 wines by the glass.

This wine list has captured the clientele’s interest, intrigued by the machine and willing to try different wines in harmony with the proposed dishes. Food and wine pairings have indeed been established to boost sales. This has allowed offering customers a quality experience by matching their meat with the appropriate glass of wine.

A service designed for both customers and servers

dVine goes beyond being a simple system for serving fine wines by the glass, perfectly aerated and at the right temperature. It also supports the servers on a daily basis.

Cyril speaks of the training sessions his teams have received, as well as the tablet interface, which allows his seasonal employees to quickly access the specifics of the wines sold through technical data sheets.

He also mentions the incentive system that has motivated his teams. Indeed, each glass of dVine wine sold allows servers to accumulate points. Consequently, servers can then use these points to obtain gifts. This management translates into increased motivation for the staff to work for themselves in order to earn rewards.

A comprehensive service, from the product to the sellers,”

emphasizes Cyril Champeau.

The standout wine at Le Keating

Among the wines offered by Le Keating, there is one that particularly caught Cyril’s interest. It even prompted him to embark on the adventure with dVine: the AOP Saumur Champigny Les Loups Noirs from Domaine de Nerleux. This round and fruity wine allows him to offer his clientele a quality local wine.

We would like to warmly thank Cyril Champeau and the entire team at Le Keating for their trust since 2021!

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