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Le Relais des Peintres and dVine: a unique customer experience

dVine expérience client inédite chez le relais des peintres

The world of gastronomy is constantly changing. In this context, many restaurants seek to offer a unique experience to their customers. In this article, discover the testimony of the Relais des Peintres restaurant on its collaboration with dVine, which allowed him to create unprecedented customer experience.

A long-standing partnership between the Relais des Peintres and dVine

Le Relais des Peintres is a bistronomic restaurant located in Auvers-sur-Oise in the Paris region. Built in the 17th century, it was one of the first post houses on the northern route leaving Paris. Today, this historic place is run by Damiano Pastoresa.

It was in October 2020 that the owner chose dVineto increase sales of wine by the glass. Since then, the restaurant has sold nearly 5,800 bottles of wine during its services.

Damiano Pastoresa explains his reasons for partnering with dVine:
The new technology they offered us, the wine list which was exceptional, and this new way of working was perfect for us.

Thanks to this partnership, the Relais des Peintres was able to increase sales of wine by the glass, thanks to an exceptional wine list, and a quality of service that is always there.

A new way of consuming wine to make the customer experience unique

The dVine experience today is a Man-to-Man experience.

Within the Relais des Peintres, you can find a dVine trolley. Though like a dessert trolley,the latter allows you to live a wine tasting experience from his table. The owner has expressed his desire to display the technological side while associating the animation aspect. Customers, intrigued by the machine, wish to try and test the dVine. Thanks to this entertainment aspect, the Relais des Peintres was able to increase its sales of wine by the glass.
Damiano, mentions that they invite customers to test to make them discover

A new way of consuming wine. Consume good and well.

is the phrase to remember. A wine by the glass service that allows the discovery of a wine at the perfect temperature, while remaining simple and intuitive to use.

Guaranteed additional sales 

 Beyond the customer experience, it is above all a system that has enabled the establishment to make additional sales and, thus, generate more revenue. 

In addition to the machine, the trolley, in particular linked to unprecedented customer experience which goes with it, is a real purchasing lever for customers. He testifies to this himself:

These are additional sales and even at the end of the meal.

Thus, he now manages to sell more than 200 glasses of wine in a month.The arrival of spirits also opened the doors to new additional sales. His conclusion:

It’s a new way of working, much simpler. 

Thank you to the Relais des Peintres and Damiano Pastoresa for the trust they place in us on a daily basis!

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