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Oceania & dVine: A Winning Experience for Customers, Teams, and the Hotel

Hôtel Oceania Paris Porte de Versailles

The Breton-origin Group, Oceania, has around thirty hotels across France, including the one in Paris Porte de Versailles, equipped with dVine since 2022. A product made in France, near Nantes and the group’s original lands, aligning with Oceania’s values of authenticity and sharing. At the Oceania Paris Porte de Versailles hotel, dVine has addressed numerous issues. Loss management, team training, and cost optimization, a meeting with the Director, Véronique Giraud.

Enhancing the Offer and Generating Additional Sales at Hotel Oceania

Open from 10 am to midnight, the bar-restaurant, Le Patio, is a meeting and relaxation space with two peak times, lunchtime and evening. To energize this living space and enhance the range of snacks available, dVine has proven to be the ideal solution.

dVine has allowed us to offer them something a little more exceptional, something they wouldn’t have had otherwise in our regular menu.

The Oceania Paris Porte de Versailles offers around ten references from the dVine range at prices ranging from 12 to 18€. Chablis, Pauillac, Gevrey-Chambertin—every customer, whether an enthusiast or a novice, can find something to indulge in. The menu is regularly refreshed thanks to a selection of over 120 dVine wine references by the glass.

These are the perfect conditions to enjoy an exceptional wine for the first time.

Thanks to dVine, Oceania can offer a more premium selection. Customers are enticed by this excellent wine-by-the-glass offer, which ultimately generates additional sales. This has a positive impact on the establishment, which sells between 150 and 200 bottles per month during peak periods of occupancy.

Hôtel Oceania

A solution tailored to the teams at Oceania Paris Porte de Versailles

One of the issues that Hotel Oceania aimed to address by equipping itself with dVine was a training challenge. Indeed, team members are not always trained or knowledgeable about wine. Therefore, it is not always easy for them to guide and advise customers effectively.

Thanks to the information available on the machine or on the wine lists, dVine has allowed the teams at Oceania Paris Porte de Versailles to understand the wines on the menu better, enabling them to speak more confidently to customers and provide better recommendations.

In addition to contributing to the upskilling of the teams, dVine also boosts their motivation. With the sale of dVine bottles, servers benefit from a rewards system.

They feel supported, coached by the person who comes to us very regularly. There’s a dynamic that has been created around dVine and around this universe of exceptional wines that elevates the level of service, the knowledge of our team.

Finally, thanks to its bottle format, dVine has eliminated the issues of loss and storage associated with serving wine by the glass. A real benefit for the team at Hotel Oceania, which benefits from simplified order and stock management.

It simplifies a lot of tasks in our management. We know that we’re very organized, that there are no more losses, we know where we’re going, we’re extremely well guided and supported. The experience from A to Z is extremely positive.

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