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dVine equips Club Med

Club Med

A partner of dVine since 2020, the global specialist in all-inclusive holidays, Club Med, has already implemented dVine in around ten of its establishments in France and abroad. Additional sales, inventory management, team training, and service quality. Discover how dVine contributes to building a unique customer experience at this leading company in the tourism sector.

Providing a unique experience to Club Med’s customers

the objective of equipping its ‘Gourmet Lounge’ restaurants as well as its ‘Exclusive Collection’ spaces with dVine is to expand its offering of high-end by-the-glass wines.

« Thanks to dVine, our customers can enjoy quality wines served under optimal tasting conditions. The experience is enhanced by a selection of wines from major French vineyards, showcased on menus and integrated touchscreen displays. It’s a ‘best in class’ service in line with our mission: to offer our customers even more quality and innovation to make their stays unforgettable!” » – Thomas Feller, Senior Food & Beverage Project Manager.

Club Med customers primarily seek enjoyment. Whether they are wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs or novices, it is essential to offer them a high-quality product.

Club Med

The quality of service must be paramount, as well as the selection. dVine enables the serving of an extensive range of wines by the glass, all under optimal service conditions: aeration and temperature control.

Generating additional sales in an ‘all-inclusive’ context

In Club Med establishments, customers enjoy an ‘all-inclusive’ package. The dVine offering plays a crucial role in generating additional sales and increasing the average spend.

« It is clear that dVine allows me to increase the average spend. Because someone who potentially might only enjoy the wine included in the package of their stay may be tempted by the dVine offering to treat themselves or discover something new. » Julien Doudoux, Responsible for the training of cellar managers and wine advisors at Club Med

Customers thus benefit from a diverse and extensive selection of wines by the glass. They can take advantage of this opportunity to explore and taste different wines from the menu during their stay.

« I had an example of a customer who, during his meal, would choose three different wines every evening when he came. » Julien Doudoux

Optimizing stock management and sales processes for Club Med teams

Thanks to the 10cl bottle format, dVine allows equipped Club Med locations to optimize their stocks and minimize losses. When a bottle is opened, it needs to be finished quickly to avoid compromising the quality of the wine, risking having to discard it. With dVine, teams only serve one glass at a time, upon customer request. The remaining stock can be preserved and stored for as long as needed. Up to a maximum of 3 years if storage conditions are favorable.

« I know exactly how many bottles I take out and how many I invoice directly. During a service, when we have several bottles to serve, we may not necessarily finish them all by the end of the service. Whereas with dVine, the bottle is automatically emptied. So, as I store them nearby, I know how many I sold during the evening. And in terms of stock management, obviously, there’s nothing more chaotic than managing wines by the glass. » Julien Doudoux

On the training side, the dVine teams support and train each advisor in using the dVine. All have had the opportunity to test it to fully understand its benefits and how the system works. As part of their training, advisors have access to the description of each wine directly on the dVine screen. This allows them to enhance their knowledge of the wines offered on the menu and better advise clients by making informed recommendations.

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