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Sofitel Thalassa Quiberon & dVine: A Partnership Serving the Customer Experience

Sofitel Quiberon

Nestled in an exceptional site on the Quiberon Peninsula, Sofitel is a 200-room establishment, also featuring a thalassotherapy center, a bar, and two restaurants. Since 2017, Sofitel has been offering its clientele the dVine experience. This harmonious blend of quality service and wine selection captivated guests from day one. Let’s meet Romain Demellayer, Operations Manager at Sofitel Quiberon.

Meeting the Demand of Sofitel Quiberon’s Clients

When Sofitel installed the dVine, the primary objective was to complement their classic wine-by-the-glass offering, providing a wider and more high-end selection to their customers. In the restaurant, customers seek to share moments of pleasure. With the dVine offering, they have access to a large selection that can vary over time and seasons, ensuring greater diversity.

Romain Demellayer highlights the importance of value for money for their clientele. Beyond selection, dVine guarantees accuracy and consistency in service. Each glass of wine is served perfectly—temperature and aeration—7 days a week.

The value for money for our customers today is the most important thing. They are willing to pay, to invest, but they want to have something meaningful in return. And today, with dVine, we only have satisfied customers.”

Supporting and Motivating the Teams

While it’s essential to meet customer demand, the wine-by-the-glass service is not always easy as it can be challenging to master. Teams must deal with staff turnover and their knowledge of wine. With the dVine offering, the Sofitel Quiberon teams are trained and supported in selling wines by the glass.

Romain Demellayer emphasizes the quality of the wine lists provided by dVine. Combined with the wine descriptions available on the dVine interface, they provide training for the teams by giving them talking points to present and sell wines.

dVine thus contributes to the upskilling of the teams and their motivation. Indeed, for every bottle sold, the team accumulates points, which they can later use to order gifts. A reward system that undoubtedly boosts the teams’ motivation to sell glasses of wine.

What’s magical about dVine is that the customer truly gets the product they expect. Beyond the beautiful descriptions we have on the wine lists, we also serve perfectly temperature-controlled wine.”

Tangible Results at Sofitel Quiberon

With an average selling price of €67 in the restaurant, Sofitel positioned dVine wines between €18 and €35. The results were quickly noticeable. Indeed, Sofitel saw its average price increase thanks to wine-by-the-glass sales. While their initial goal was to sell around ten bottles per week, they quickly doubled to around twenty.

It’s now a sure bet. It’s something that will help grow sales, develop teams. Once again, these are products that come ready-made, the machine does the rest. And today, you’ve managed to create a machine fast enough to be an asset in service.”

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