The D-Vine story​

D-Vine is a Nantes-based company that was created by three friends with an engineer background and a shared passion for wine. The idea emerged during an oenological excursion… How could they enjoy a glass of wine whenever they wanted, in the same conditions as when it is served by a sommelier in a good restaurant? The trio eventually came up with the idea and the creation of D-Vine. The purpose was to showcase the work of each partner winegrower by ensuring every glass of their wine is enjoyed in perfect tasting conditions.

First meeting

Creation of the first D-Vine prototype and meeting with an oenologist, Béatrice Dominé.

A system driven by R&D

Development in partnership with the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, ABMI Engineering, and Naonext, an electronic design office.

The adventure continues

D-Vine pre-standardisation process and building of the wine selection.

First sales

First D-Vine deliveries to individual customers​.

Launch among the hospitality trade

Product launch among businesses​.

More than just D-Vine…

Development of D-Vine Connect for professional users​.

Increasing staff & product range

300 establishments and 50 wines listed.​ Launch of ​D-Vine Connect​.

Sights set on international markets

Belgium, Great Britain and Singapore targeted.

Launch of our own flacons

Commercialisation of our new flacons in partnership with TBE.

Launch of the PRO

A new device designed by and for the on-trade.


Innovation Awards Equip’Hotel 2020

D-Vine Connect has been awarded Best Innovation in the Restauration category at the Equip’Hotel Innovation Awards.

EY 2018

Entrepreneur of the Year Award​. Innovating Strategy Award 2018.


CES Las Vegas 2016

​The Consumer Electronics Show, ​or CES, is the biggest trade fair devoted to technological innovation in electronic household appliances. D-Vine won 2 prizes: ​
- Ubergizmo ​Best of CES 2016 
- Techco​ Startup of the year .


Concours Lépine 2016

The Concours Lépine is a French invention competition.​ Concours Lépine Europe gold medal. INPI ​Award and Special Chairman of the Jury Award.

The team​

Thibaut Jarrousse​

Co-founder and Chairman of D-Vine​

As a great fan of wine tourism, Thibaut would travel across France meeting the winegrowers.​ Each trip brought him to the same conclusion, that the wine he drank at home never tasted quite the same as at the estate. The history of the wine, the surrounding atmosphere and the conditions in which it is served are all vital to the success of a tasting session. “That is how I came to realise that, as an engineer, I should be able to find a solution.”

As a trained engineer who graduated from the ICAM school of engineering, Thibaut studied for an MBA at the HEC business school, alongside his career at Yves Rocher, before creating D-Vine​. He now supervises the sales, finance, public relations and human resources teams. His unfailing optimism is a real driving force for his staff!​

Luis Da Silva​

Co-founder and Managing Director of D-Vine​

Before he became Managing Director of D-Vine​, Luis worked for 5 years at Airbus as a quality engineer! “To develop D-Vine, I surrounded myself with men and women from the region who had specific skills (electronics, mechanics, heat science, machining, etc.). Together, we had to be extremely patient and meticulous.” Today, Luis manages the technical and marketing teams. Now and again, a slightly metallic sound emanates from his office. That’s his creative side at work!​

Béatrice Dominé​

Oenologist at D-Vine​

To accompany this team of engineers, the co-founders quickly called upon Béatrice! She has worked as a passionate oenologist for nearly 30 years, in purchasing, sales, training and, more recently, the catering sector, where she learned all the tricks of the trade! She has worked with D-Vine​ since 2012 and now plays a major role in the business, as she is responsible, among other tasks, for selecting the wines. Her ambition for D-Vine​ is to show all our customers the enormous wealth and variety of wines from France and the rest of the world… by making sure they taste them in optimal conditions!​​