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The “Before & After” dVine Blind Tasting

Six professionals agreed to take part in an officially controlled blind tasting of six of our wines. Participants were served two glasses of the same wine, one poured traditionally by hand and the other served using the dVine. Take a look at the results of our “Before & After” dVine Blind Tasting.

So is it fair to say that the dVine makes wines taste twice as good?  

Whatever the occasion, there is a trend for people to consume “less but better” – and wine is no exception. The dVine tasting experience, with its “wow-effect”, is perfectly in line with this trend, but the effect has never been quantified, despite us observing it every day.

On 5 July 2022, we invited six professionals, in Paris, to take part in our “Before & After” dVine Blind Tasting. In this test, we weren’t seeking to show that the wine of our partner producers was twice as good after being served with the dVine, but instead wanted to measure the perceived value of the different wines, with participants scoring the nose and palate of wines before and after service with the dVine.

The Blind Tasting

To make the test as faithful as possible to the reality of our restaurant-owner clients, we had participants taste six wines, including two whites and four reds, in two different sets of conditions, one of which was designed to reflect the service conditions in a restaurant without the dVine. Wines were served:

  • On the one hand, with the dVine, that is to say with aeration equivalent to three hours of decanting and a temperature adjusted to 12°C to 13°C for whites and 17°C to 18°C for reds;
  • And on the other, by hand and with no aeration, at 6°C for the white wines and 23°C for the red wines.


  • Pessac-Léognan 2019 from Château Carbonnieux
  • Condrieu Amour De Dieu 2018 from Domaine Jean-Luc Colombo


  • Saumur Champigny Les Loups Noirs 2018 from Domaine de Nerleux
  • Crozes-Hermitage 2019 from Domaine Laurent Habrard
  • Pomerol 2018 from La Rose Figeac
  • Pomerol 2015 from Château Nénin

The Tasting Panel

For this Blind Tasting, we welcomed six professionals from the hospitality industry or world of wine.

  • Béatrice Dominé, Chief Wine Adviser at D-Vine
  • Laurent Derhé, French Master Sommelier
  • Philippe Delfaut, Managing Director of Château Kirwan
  • Tony Moinnereau, Paris Sales Manager at Champagne Billecart-Salmon
  • Victor Gonzales, Head Sommelier
  • Stéphanie Hennion, Owner of the Déjeunons sur l’Herbe wine school

None of the participants were informed beforehand of the wines that they would be tasting. The official in attendance was able to check the glasses of wine served throughout the session to ensure that they met the specified criteria.

Each participant had a score chart and was asked to rate the wines according to their nose and palate and to give an order of preference, as well as the price they would be prepared to pay for the wine.

The Results

Following the blind tasting, the information was compiled and assessed. The results were as follows:

  • Out of the five wines served, 100% of the preferred wines were those served with the dVine.
  • A glass of dVine wine is 40% better on the nose and palate at tasting than one served traditionally.
  • A customer would be prepared to pay up to three times more for a wine served with the dVine.
  • A wine served with the dVine is perceived to taste up to twice better.
  • The perceived value of a glass of dVine wine is up to three times higher.

See what participants had to say in this video:

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