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Maison De Laveline et dVine: Sublimating quality

dVine à l'hôtel-restaurant Maison de Laveline

For more than 13 years, Maison de Laveline embodies the story of a family.Fabrice De Righi, a seasoned cook with 25 years of experience, decided, with his wife, to acquire this magnificent Hotel Restaurant with 45 seats located in Ban de Laveline. In this article, discover the testimony of Maison De Laveline on its collaboration with dVine, which facilitated the sale of wine within the establishment while sublimating the quality.

A new collaboration between Maison de Laveline and dVine

Fabrice De Righi rose through the ranks of prestigious restaurants, such as the Grand Hôtel Barrail, before taking possession of his own establishment. SacredMaster Chef of France, it has now been 13 years since he and his wife seized the opportunity to acquire this hotel-restaurant. His wife manages the room, while he is in the kitchen, preparing traditional dishes of exceptional quality. These dishes highlight first-rate products as well as his culinary know-how.

A winning couple who embarked on the dVine adventure on May 4, 2023.

 Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This is the reason that pushed Fabrice De Righi to embark on this experiment. After a month of testing, more than 130 bottles have been sold, generating a net margin of more than €750 thanks to dVine wine glasses.

A controlled stock and an extensive wine list

With only 45 seats, Maison De Laveline is a small restaurant that cannot afford to store a large quantity of bottles. This is where dVine comes in. Fabrice explains that this solution allows him to manage wines more easily thanks to the bottle formats. While creating diversity in its wine list, which now has 12 great wines.

This careful selection, produced by the oenologist Béatrice Dominé, has conquered both the clientele and Fabrice himself. Among his favorites on the menu is the AOP Condrieu – Vent d’Anges from Domaine Didier Morion. A renowned wine that always seduces its customers with its aromas of melon and sweet spices.

Personalized support for Maison de Laveline

dVine offers much more than wines, it is also supported in sales techniques. Being alone in the dining room, it can be difficult for Fabrice’s wife to offer wines by the glass. Yet, thanks to the machine, selling has become easier. Indeed, the information displayed on the machine, combined with its autonomy, has simplified the service of wine by the glass.

In order to further facilitate sales, the support of the coach has made it possible to set up successful actions. The “dish of the day + wine” formula was a resounding success, with glasses of wine sold even during lunch. An initially difficult time slot for the sale of wine.

 It is a complete support, from A to Z.

The staff received training on sales techniques, and supports such as the wine list or easels were set up to facilitate sales.

This association between quality cuisine and an extensive wine list confirms the reputation of Maison De Laveline. It’s your turn to discover this establishment, a must in the region!


Thanks to Maison de Laveline and Fabrice De Righi for their trust.

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