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Le Martinez & dVine :
An exceptional partnership

Hôtel le Martinez

Le Martinez, a renowned hotel located in Cannes, benefits from a rich and prestigious history. Founded in 1929,this emblematic establishment welcomed personalities from all over the world during the famous Cannes Film Festival. Over the decades,Martinez has established itself as a place of reference for lovers of luxury, elegance and gastronomy. Today we return to the testimony of Pierre-Marie Ragon, catering director since 2020, who shares his experience on the use of the dVine solution and the exceptional partnership established for almost 3 years.

The dVine experience at Martinez

Pierre-Marie Ragon, director of catering and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Maître d’hôtel 2022, seized the opportunity to collaborate with dVine for several years, in order to offer a unique selection of wines by the glass at Martinez. This innovative technology allows wine to be served at the ideal temperature, thus preserving all its flavors and aromas.

The dVine, generating additional sales

dVine generates additional sales. Of course, the impact of wine by the glass today is something that is measurable and that we really have to work on.

The introduction of the dVine solution has aroused the interest of customers, who are curious about this innovation. Consequently, the offer of wine by the glass generates “favorite” sales for the establishment.Increase in sales of wine by the glass is due in particular to the expansion of the range offered.

In addition, it offers greater flexibility in the offer, making it possible to offer more varied references, without any risk of loss for the establishment. This effective inventory management contributes to better profitability while ensuring a quality tasting experience for customers.

A selection of prestigious references

References such as Château Pape Clément or Château Beychevelle allow us to have an experience for the customer and to be able to offer him a truly accomplished product, ready to be tasted in truly magnificent conditions.

Thanks to dVine, the Martinez can meet the strong demand for wine by the glass within its establishment. It is also a way to offer a varied selection of wines by the glass thanks to prestigious references. This diversity makes it possible to satisfy the preferences of all customers. Whether it is a full-bodied red wine, a refreshing white wine or a delicate rosé wine, Martinez can meet everyone’s expectations. This extensive offer of wines by the glass enriches the culinary experience of customers and contributes to the gastronomic reputation of the establishment.

A constant and replicable quality of service

The dVine allows us to make wine accessible to our customers but also ultimately to our staff.

The dVine, thanks to its ease of use, makes it possible to standardize the service procedure, thus guaranteeing consistency inthe quality of the products offered. Employees from diverse backgrounds can thus offer each customer an exceptional experience. In addition, dVine technology facilitates access to wine for both customers and staff. This increased accessibility has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and helps build customer loyalty.

I recommend the dVine which is a technological feat, it should still be noted. To bring a wine to temperature in a few seconds so that it is appreciated, yes, of course I recommend it.

Thanks to Pierre-Marie Ragon for his confidence and his involvement in this partnership d’exception.

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