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Wine Influencer: The Power of Personalities

influenceur vin Mon Petit Caviste

The world of wine is vast and complex, with numerous brands and producers vying to capture consumers’ attention. In this digital era, social media has taken a prominent place in our lives and has significantly influenced how we consume. Wine influencers play a role in this dynamic, using their voice and platform to shape consumers’ tastes and preferences.

In this article, we will explore the importance of wine influencers and how they have come to occupy their place in the industry.

What is a wine influencer?

A wine influencer is someone who possesses expertise and passion for wine and regularly shares their knowledge, experiences, and recommendations with their online community. These influencers can be certified sommeliers, winemakers, specialized bloggers, or simply wine enthusiasts who have gained an audience through engaging and informative content.

The story of an influencer: Mon Petit Caviste

Charles, born in Lille, has distinguished himself as a wine influencer thanks to his numerous travels, which have allowed him to acquire skills in the field.

The idea came to him during a trip abroad when he noticed the enthusiasm for food and wine pairings such as cheese and wine. Thus, after working as a wine merchant and then a sommelier, he embarked on the adventure of influencing. Mon Petit Caviste was born in 2018.

He initially started with tasting and oenology initiation courses. But he didn’t stop there; he launched his training program certified by Qualiopi to talk about wine. Today, he has turned his passion into his profession.

The wine influencer, ambassador of winemakers

Beyond mere influence, Mon Petit Caviste speaks out on the values ​​that winemakers uphold. His goal as a wine influencer is to highlight the work and craftsmanship of winemakers.

His objective is to demystify the world of wine, which may seem complex, and present it in a simple and relaxed manner. He aims to make wine accessible to as many people as possible and to give visibility to winemakers.

To assist him in this quest, he has introduced Mon Petit Caviste labels that allow him to showcase the winemaker who created the wine in the bottle.

He also offers numerous food and wine pairings. Always with an eye towards accessibility and opening up the world of wine, he uses everyday dishes to make his pairings.

The primary goal of a wine influencer is thus to make wine accessible while highlighting the work of different winemakers and the quality of their wines.

The wine industry, a niche market for influence

However, the profession of a wine influencer is not as easy as one might think. Indeed, promoting the wine sector through social media remains complicated.

The influencers known and recognized in this field are most often Best Craftsman of France in Sommellerie, winners of an elite wine competition.

However, digital transformation now allows influencers to get closer to winemakers and gain their trust. Charles explains that it is thanks to his visibility on social media, as well as his work in associations and business clubs, that he was able to gain visibility among consumers and winemakers.

So, word of mouth has allowed him to stand out and establish himself as a wine influencer. Today, to continue developing his activity and community, he must impose discipline on himself to propose a publishing schedule every week. He must also remain creative to constantly reinvent topics and not bore his subscribers.

Mon Petit Caviste and dVine: Tasting Kits

During the Covid crisis, Charles decided to continue his tastings in order to maintain his activity. He thus decided to collaborate with dVine to find a solution. Indeed, it was not possible to send a bottle for each tasting. Therefore, he approached dVine to work with the wine flacons from the Barista range.

The selection of wines developed by oenologist Béatrice Dominé fully satisfied him for his tastings, with references such as Chablis, Saint-Emilion, or Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Today, Charles continues to use dVine flacons during his workshops. Thus, wine enthusiasts have access to Great Wines in a tasting format.

What wine would Mon Petit Caviste recommend?

I don’t have just one, I have plenty,”

says Charles, Mon Petit Caviste, in response to this question. For him, his favorite wine depends on his mood, what he’s eating, and of course, the moment he’s tasting. Each wine has its qualities, and each moment allows for expressing a preference.

Find Mon Petit Caviste on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and on his website. Instagram, FacebookLinkedin and on his website.  

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