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By the glass wine service: essential tools


The wine by the glass service has become a common practice in restaurants, offering customers a diverse and accessible tasting experience. To ensure a quality service and preserve the freshness of the wines, it is essential to have the right tools. In this article, we present you with the indispensable tools for wine by the glass service in a restaurant.

Vacuum pumps for preserving wine quality

Vacuum pumps are essential for wine by the glass service. By removing the air from the open bottle, they reduce oxidation and preserve the quality of the wine. Various types of wine vacuum pumps are available on the market, each with its own features and advantages. Renowned brands such as Vacu Vin, Peugeot, and Barvivo offer quality wine pumps that are easy to use and efficient. As a result, thanks to the use of these pumps, wine enthusiasts can preserve the freshness and aromas of their opened wines for several days, avoiding any wastage.

Temperature control systems for optimal wine tasting

Temperature control preserves the organoleptic qualities of wine. Restaurants use various devices to maintain wine at the ideal temperature. These include wine refrigerators, climate-controlled wine cellars, and wine glass cooling systems. Wine refrigerators provide dedicated storage at a constant temperature, ensuring the freshness of the bottles. Climate-controlled wine cellars replicate the ideal aging conditions with stable temperature and humidity. Wine glass cooling systems offer an optimal tasting experience with wine served at a pleasant temperature.

The decanter for wine aeration

The decanter is an essential tool for wine service by the glass. It allows the wine to be decanted, promoting aeration and the development of its aromas. During pouring, the wine gets oxygenated, and its aromatic compounds evolve. Decanters are ideal for older wines and eliminate sediments. They come in various styles, from simple models to sophisticated designs. Some have a wide base for rapid aeration, while others feature anti-drip pouring spouts. Decanters enhance the wine’s aromas before tasting.

Specialized tasting glasses for an optimal sensory experience

Specialized tasting glasses are essential for savoring the diversity of wines served by the glass. Renowned brands such as Riedel, Zalto, Spiegelau, and Schott Zwiesel offer a range of glasses specially designed for each type of wine. These glasses enhance the wine’s aromas and flavors, providing an optimal sensory experience. With these specialized glasses, wine professionals and enthusiasts can truly appreciate the subtleties and nuances of each tasting.


Wine by the glass dispensers

The wine by the glass dispenser is a device that allows for precise serving of wine by the glass. It is usually equipped with a cooling system that maintains the wine at an optimal temperature, preserving its taste qualities.

Among these solutions, we find dVine, a system that goes even further. Indeed, dVine is the only wine by the glass service system that guarantees both a temperature adapted to each wine and perfect aeration, all without any risk of waste thanks to its individual flask format. With its advanced technology, dVine fully unlocks the aromas and flavors of each wine tasted. Establishments equipped with a dVine can thus offer their customers a unique tasting experience.

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    Storage and service wine cellars: preserving and enhancing the wine

    Storage wine cellars play an essential role in preserving wine for harmonious aging. They offer optimal conditions by maintaining constant temperatures and avoiding abrupt variations that could alter the wine’s quality. These cellars are specially designed to store bottles for extended periods, allowing the wine to develop its aromas and complexity over time. Darkness and tranquility in the storage cellars are also key factors, preserving the wine from light and unwanted vibrations.

    On the other hand, service wine cellars aim to showcase the wine during its tasting. They are designed to maintain the wine at the ideal tasting temperature, depending on its type (white, red, rosé) and vintage. Adequate tasting temperature fully reveals the wine’s aromas and allows one to savor all its gustatory nuances. Service cellars are generally equipped with cooling or heating systems to adjust the temperature as needed.

    Whether it’s for aging or tasting, wine cellars are valuable allies for wine enthusiasts. They provide suitable conditions for each bottle to fully flourish and captivate the palates of discerning tasters.

    Books and Tasting Guides

    To expand one’s wine knowledge for better customer advice, some tasting books can be excellent tools!

    These resources provide information on grape varieties, wine regions, food and wine pairings, and much more. Denis Saverot’s “Le grand Larousse du vin” offers a wealth of valuable information about the world of wine. “Le grand cours de dégustation” is a comprehensive work that provides guidance on discovering the subtleties of wines. “Le vin c’est pas sorcier Nouvelle Edition” offers a playful and educational approach. These books are essential references to guide wine by the glass selections and provide informed recommendations to customers, offering an enriching and personalized tasting experience.

    And if you prefer podcasts over books, discover our dedicated wine show “5 Minutes to Learn About Wine,” to deepen your knowledge through short thematic episodes.

    In conclusion

    For a quality wine by the glass service, restaurants must have essential tools such as vacuum pumps, temperature control systems, decanters, and specialized tasting glasses. These tools preserve the freshness and aromas of the wines, offering an optimal tasting experience to customers. By investing in these tools, restaurants provide a diverse selection of wines by the glass suited to all palates, ensuring an excellent tasting experience. Whether you are a professional or a passionate enthusiast, using these tools enhances the wine by the glass experience at the restaurant.

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