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Customer Experience – How to Win Customers’ Loyalty and Make Them Your Ambassadors

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The development of social media and the notion of online reputation have created a parallel rating scheme for hotels and restaurants worldwide, in the form of customer reviews. Wine and how it is served is an integral part of the hospitality experience. Learn how you can win customers’ loyalty and make them your hotel’s ambassadors.

The importance of online reputation

Over the last decade or so, managing one’s online reputation has become a major issue for hotels wishing to build good on-the-web notoriety and attract new clients. “81% of travellers consider online reviews to be very important when selecting a hotel and 49% won’t risk booking a hotel that has no reviews.” *

Every hotel therefore needs to offer a little something extra. Something a little different that will make it stand out from the rest. Have you ever considered that your wine list could help boost your online reputation? Of course it won’t do everything for you. But good customer service is about all the little details combined.

*Source: Diado

A unique experience to ensure customer retention at your hotel

Imagine yourself in your suite and with instead of the traditional mini bar, a one-of-a-kind wine list featuring fine wines you’ve always dreamed of tasting and top-name producers – all available by the glass! And to ensure you the high standards you expect, dVine wine flacons are presented in a beautifully enticing cigar-box-like case beside this intriguing machine that serves the perfect glass of wine!

Using the dVine Pro is extremely straightforward for your guests. You simply insert the flacon upside down into the machine – the dVine then recognizes exactly which wine it is and what temperature it requires. When the dVine flashes ready, you press down on the ball and the wine flows through the machine’s coil and is gradually brought to temperature. While it’s pouring, it also receives the equivalent of three hours of aeration. Your guest can even discover the producer’s story and the secrets of the wine while they wait… In short, it’s a unique experience that they can tell others about and share.

A direct impact on your reputation

To prove that it’s possible to make wine your hotel’s little something extra, here is a selection of customer feedback received by our partner hotels and restaurants.

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