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5 tips for drawing up a good wine list

The wine selection is a key element of your success. Thanks to a carefuly selected wine list, you can arouse the curiosity of your clients, let us share some of our best tips with you.


1. Be sure to maintain a degree of diversity in your wine list between the various wine regions and appellations. Do not hesitate to add any regional appellations that are not represented or, on the contrary, to remove a few appellations belonging to the same region if there are too many.


2. Find the best Balance between white, red and rosé wines. This should match well with your food menu of course…

Food and wine pairing

3. Carefuly go through your menu and think about food and wine pairing that will answer your clients’ needs and will allow them to experience the perfect degustation. If your restaurant’s speciality is sea food, you will need to offer more white wines.

wine by the glass VS wine by the bottle

4. Make sure you maintain a correct balance between your range of wines by the glass and your bottled range.


5. Last but not least, check that your price range is coherent.

Our oenologist, Béatrice Dominé, is of course available for any questions you may have concerning your selection, or to offer advice on food & wine pairing. Do you wish to have her thoughts regarding your wine list and hear her advice on food and wine pairing? Contact us.

And now, it’s your choice! ?

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