Spirits and Desserts: Perfect Pairings

spiritueux et dessert

Often enjoyed on their own as an aperitif or digestif, spirits can nevertheless work wonders when paired with desserts! In this article, oenologist Béatrice Dominé, accompanied by pastry chef Jeanne Dominé, presents 7 pairings between Spirits and Desserts to delight your taste buds.

Gwalarn Celtic Whisky – A Vanilla and Caramel Marriage

The Gwalarn whisky, infused with notes of vanilla and caramel, inspired Jeanne Dominé to create a brioche reminiscent of French toast. This indulgent creation, enhanced with a slightly salty caramel and smooth vanilla ice cream, offers a delightful harmony. The whisky’s cereal nuances and caramel perfectly balance the savory aspect of the dessert. Moreover, the vanilla ice cream elevates the overall experience, bringing sweetness and freshness. Undoubtedly, this surprising pairing will enchant even the most discerning palates, leaving an unforgettable gourmet impression.

Monsieur Fernand Whisky – The Sweetness of Pears and Honey

Captivated by the delicate notes of pears, honey, and nuts, Jeanne proposes a reimagined Bourdaloue tart for this pairing. Enhanced with crunchy nuts and a crisp crumble, this tart exceptionally elevates the classic flavors of pear. With each bite, the flavors burst in the mouth, creating a harmonious blend of sweetness and crunch. Thanks to this bold marriage between Monsieur Fernand whisky and this tart, a unique gustatory experience awaits connoisseurs, skillfully blending tradition and modernity.”

Bellevoye Rouge Whisky – A Journey into Sweet Spices

With a finishing touch in a barrel from Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classé, this whisky reveals hints of honey and sweet spices. Inspired by this aromatic richness, Jeanne suggests poached pears with spices, enhanced by a light gingerbread-flavored whipped cream. It’s a true gustatory journey where notes of honey, sweet spices, and red wine blend harmoniously. Moreover, the gingerbread whipped cream adds a touch of sweetness and indulgence, complementing the Bellevoye Rouge whisky perfectly. This alliance between the exquisite aromas of the whisky and Jeanne’s culinary creativity promises an unforgettable tasting experience.

Glann Ar Mor – A Powerful and Flavorful Whisky

The Glann Ar Mor whisky, with its honeyed aromas and strength, inspires Jeanne to create a delicious apple tarte Tatin. Enhanced by a dollop of clotted cream, each bite is a true explosion of flavors in the mouth. The sweetness of the fruits meets the power of Glann Ar Mor whisky, creating a perfect balance of flavors. The clotted cream adds a delicate touch of freshness and creaminess. This bold marriage between Glann Ar Mor whisky and this tarte Tatin will delight both fans of robustness and subtlety.

Fins Bois Cognac – Freshness and Finesse

To accompany the Fins Bois Cognac with its mineral and white fruit notes, Jeanne recommends a white peach float accompanied by a green tea granita for a summer freshness. With each bite of this float, mineral notes blend with the freshness of the peach. The granita adds a touch of lightness and refreshment, enhancing the aromas of the cognac. This marriage between cognacs and this white peach float promises a tasting experience with summer vibes.

Petite Champagne Cognac – Opulence and Indulgence

Petite Champagne Cognac offers a tasting experience marked by opulence and indulgence. With enchanting aromas of vanilla, sweet spices, and gingerbread, this cognac elevates every moment. To enhance its essence, Jeanne recommends a revamped brownie, where the sweetness of dates and candied orange zest delicately intertwine with the cognac. In each bite, the richness of the cognac harmoniously blends with the generosity of the dessert. Undoubtedly, this bold alliance signifies a perfect marriage for your taste buds!

El Pasador De Oro Rum – A Toasted and Roasted Experience

Finally, El Pasador de Oro rum fits into the world of roasted coffee. Jeanne suggests accompanying it with a tiramisu, where the traditional syrup to soak the biscuits will be replaced by the rum. This tiramisu is a perfect blend of toasted notes and creaminess. The marriage between the rum and this tiramisu promises a flavorful tasting, transporting coffee enthusiasts into another gustatory realm.

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