Meet Nathalie Despagne from the estate of La Rose Figeac

Nathalie Despagne

OR-GA-NI-SA-TION. A favourite word of Nathalie Despagne, who single-handedly took over the family estate of Château la Rose Figeac, in Libourne, two years ago. Let’s find out together what her average day is like!

In her early-morning motherhood role, Nathalie serves a hearty breakfast before taking her children to school. Back at the office, she ORGANISES her day.
Today’s programme includes appointments with the glass-maker, then the printer, then the wooden crate manufacturer. Nathalie manages every aspect of the company, from the land all the way to the wine glass! “This house is both a home and a place of representation, which makes it necessary to find the right balance, because the working day is very long. Actually, it’s 8 pm, shall we have dinner?”

This evening’s menu includes a typical Bordeaux speciality, lamprey. This is a freshwater fish and it is prepared in wine, naturally! It is served with a homemade potato pancake. “I enjoy preparing simple dishes that bring out some delicious flavours when they’re cooked properly”.

Nathalie’s Chinese portrait

When asked which film best represents her, she prefers to talk about memorable scenes and the discussions she associates with them. Because Nathalie has a soft spot for stories of lives turned upside down and destinies that change.
As for her tastes in music, again, Nathalie has no distinct preference, but whistles anything from pop to classical, leaving a touch of gaiety wherever she goes.
And if she were a wine? She speaks of lightness, fruitiness and mindfulness of nature… before finally opting for the stylishness and festiveness of Champagne!
As you’ve guessed, Nathalie puts all this energy and sensitivity into the wines she proposes at Château la Rose Figeac.

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