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Importance of Glassware for wine tasting

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Respecting the winegrower’s work during the different stages of a wine’s life is essential and even more so at the time of tasting. Of course, temperature and aeration are two factors that we often think about before tasting a wine, but we unfortunately tend to forget the importance of the glassware that will be used. And yet, glassware is a fundamental aspect of wine tasting.

The Visual Aspect

First of all, glassware has a visual effect that attracts our eye. Just like you pay attention to presentation when dressing a table or a plate, you should also take care when selecting your glassware. Glassware is an integral element of tableware. And every item of tableware is key, as its attractiveness influences a person’s state of mind. The aim is always to show the product at its best in order to entice the customer, who should be enchanted even before commencing the tasting.

Technical Features 

In addition to being attractive, a glass needs several essential technical features. Stemmed glasses were originally created to avoid poisonings, by making the part containing the wine visible to all. Nowadays, stemmed glassware is essential in wine tasting, for altogether different reasons that we’ll explain below.

Importance of the foot

Firstly, a stemmed glass allows you to hold it by its stem or even its foot or base. The benefits of holding the glass this way are twofold:

  • You avoid contact between your hand and the surface of the bowl containing the wine. This prevents the wine from warming.
  • It also keeps your hand as far as possible from your nose to avoid smells from your skin interfering with the smell of the wine.

Importance of the Calyx

Stemmed glasses used for wine tasting very often have a tulip shape. This shape provides the wine with a sufficient area of contact with air for effective aeration. With their slightly narrower top, these glasses help concentrate and retain aromas.

Finally, fine and highly transparent glassware is preferable in order to fully appreciate the various shades of wine colour.

So as you can see, glassware, which has its own special lexicon, must be chosen with great care before tasting a wine. It is one of the three factors to consider along with temperature and aeration.

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