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Atypio Hotels Better their Guest Experience with the D-Vine

The entrepreneurial company Atypio invests in and manages hotels all over France, with special emphasis on French made products. As artisans of well-being, Atypio hotels have their own signature identity and offer a broad spectrum of ancillary services. The group’s partnership with D-Vine therefore naturally fits into its strategy, which is resolutely centred on the customer experience. Here we take a look at four Atypio hotels that are using the D-Vine.

Hôtel l’Aigle Noir****

L’Aigle Noir is a characterful and historical manor house dating from the 16th century. Situated in the heart of Fontainebleau, just a few steps from its château, L’Aigle Noir is a haven of style boasting an empire décor. The hotel attracts an international clientèle of both individual and business travellers.
For the hotel’s director, the D-Vine, which has been set up in the honesty bar since February 2019, “is a real ‘Made in France’ sommelier which has become key for us.

D-Vine is the guarantee of amazing all our guests. Those new to wine appreciate the attractive appearance of the machine and the flacons while learning about the many terroirs and grape varieties available. Connoisseurs are intrigued by this new tasting experience and the technology that enables wine to be served with the ideal temperature conditions and aeration. The D-Vine is thus a real ‘Made in France’ sommelier which has become key for us. Edouard Lallemand, Director

Hôtel Mercure Chantilly****

Located a short walk from the Domaine de Chantilly, Mercure Chantilly offers a unique setting for a stay surrounded by nature and history, on the doorstep of Paris. The hotel welcomes a clientèle of families and individual travel guests as well as business travellers thanks to its convention centre.
Mercure Chantilly

The hotel’s restaurant has been equipped with the D-Vine since January 2019. For Operations Manager Julio Tavares, the D-Vine “is an up-to-the-minute wine tasting experience, which is both digital and fun.

From a customer perspective, the D-Vine is an up-to-the-minute wine tasting experience, which is both digital and fun. The choice of wines on offer is of high quality and varied. It easily meets the expectations of the clients of our 4-star hotel. Moreover, when a client selects a wine, the machine displays the description of the wine’s aromas. In terms of operation, the D-Vine’s functions facilitate wine service for us. The machine pours at the correct temperature and also prevents wastage. Julio Tavares, Operations Manager

 Hôtel Mercure Tours Sud****

Mercure Tours Sud, which has been using the D-Vine in its restaurant since January 2019, offers an outstanding location for a stay in the Loire Valley, amid a setting of contemporary luxury. It welcomes a clientèle of leisure guests from both the local area and further field, a well as a clientèle of business guests.
For the hotel’s director, Arnaud Cochet, the D-Vine allows you to “discover and taste a large range of quality wines served with ideal conditions.

Mercure Tours Sud

Lyon Holiday Inn Lyon Vaise****

Just 15 minutes from the heart of Lyon, Holiday Inn Lyon Vaise provides an elegant and contemporary place to stay, attracting a clientèle of leisure guests from both near and afar.

Since March 2019, the hotel’s restaurant has been equipped with the D-Vine. According to the restaurant manager, it is “a real pleasure to have this offering for our guests!

D-Vine is the device that wine lovers have heard about but have never tried. First comes curiosity and admiration in front of the machine, then amazement at the explanation of the technical process, with a perfect and highly appreciated tasting experience to conclude. It is sometimes amusing to see the emotions triggered by the first sip, and, in all cases, it is a real pleasure to have this offering for our clients. Marine, Restaurant Manager

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