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5 Reasons for Ordering Wine by the Glass

Vin au verre

Have you recently had a great wine served by the glass? It has become the trend when it comes to wine consumption. Whether you are in a wine bar, a little local eatery or a Michelin-star restaurant, you will always find a selection of wines by the glass. It’s an excellent way to treat yourself to a wine, be it alone or with friends. Here, we give you five reasons for ordering wine by the glass rather than by the bottle.

1. You’ll drink responsibly

The time is gone when you didn’t have to worry about how many drinks you’d had before driving home. Nowadays, people are more concerned about road safety and health protection. Drinking a glass of wine rather than a bottle makes good sense. It is the perfect way to prevent drink driving and is also completely compatible with the concept of a set lunch menu featuring a dish of the day. Trends show that consumers have a preference for wine by the glass and seem to keep bottles for special occasions.

2. Wine by the glass is more economical than by the bottle

Ordering just one glass, even of a premium wine, will cost you less than a whole bottle. Perhaps you don’t really want to drink a whole bottle during your meal. In that case, ordering a glass or two is a more economical option. No more leaving an unfinished bottle behind at the restaurant. No more waste. After all, wine is precious. Producers invest a lot of time and passion in creating a wonderful product. It’s a shame to allow even a little bit of it to end up down the sink!

3. You can enjoy a true experience

By-the-glass-wine means that you don’t have to drink the same thing during the whole meal. There’s no more need for everyone at the table to agree on a wine. Each diner can choose according to their tastes and what they are ordering. Plus, you no longer need to find a bottle that will go with the starter, main, cheese and dessert. With by-the-glass wines, matching food and wine is much easier. Awaken your taste buds and stimulate your senses with a different wine for every course! Well-matched food and wine makes for a fantastic tasting experience. The association of flavours when a wine and dish are perfectly paired make the moment unique.

4. You can discover new wines by ordering by the glass

Selecting a by-the-glass wine to go with your dish means that you can try several different wines during the same meal, unlike with a bottle which you drink right through from the starter to dessert. This is therefore an ideal way to try new wines or wines that you would not normally have the opportunity to try if they were only sold by the bottle. Wines of the day or chef’s picks are often a great way to discover a local wine or new producer, and they tend to come by the glass. Ordering by the glass is a way of testing a wine before perhaps ordering a bottle.

5. You’ll drink less, but better

Consumers today want to consume less but better. Since the trend for by-the-glass wine is growing, the offering is expanding and improving. There was a time when the choice of wines by the glass was restricted to basic entry-level wines. Today, you can find more and more Grands Crus served by the glass, which is a complete revolution in the wine world. It is true that not everyone can treat themselves to an expensive bottle, whereas a glass is of course more affordable. It’s the perfect way to taste something exceptional! Restaurant owners are increasingly offering premium wines by the glass thanks to innovative solutions, like the D-Vine. Have you tried a wine served with the D-Vine yet? We guarantee that it combines customer experience and quality to a tee ?

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